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  • Booking a session
    Booking details When booking a session please let me know; Your full name Your contact number Your Spotlight pin Nº Your Agent your Instagram link The terms of the session shall be confirmed via email for price, timings and number of edited images delivered. After the shoot the preview images shall be delivered for selection. Please note that these are preview size low resolution jpgs and will be watermarked, and only the final edited images will be licensed for your personal marketing purposes and use.
  • Retouching
    Retouching The final images delivered will be edited and adjusted for exposure, contrast, colour grading, sharpness etc, plus a light retouch to clean up skin, blemishes and dark circles. The professional retouching is designed to be natural and subtle so they are an honest reflection of each client, whilst looking your best. Clients are not advised to retouch the images themselves. Please speak to me if you'd like further retouching and I'll be happy to help you.
  • Payment terms
    Payment terms To be paid in cash, bank transfer or PayPal on or before day of session. The Client's right to use or reproduce a picture arises only when Rocco Redondo Photography' invoice relating to the grant of such right is fully paid. Any reproduction before payment of the session constitutes a breach of this Agreement.
  • Delivery of images
    Delivery of images Rocco Redondo shall deliver the finalised edited digital images to the client within 1 week of the clients selection (though where possible usually within 2 days). The digital images will be delivered in both web and print formats via Internet. (If you are in a rush for a deadline, please discuss beforehand and if possible I can prioritise a designated image - or offer an express service for an additional fee).
  • Copyright
    Copyright As set out by the Copyright and Design Act 1988, the photographer retains the copyright to all the images and has the rights to use and reproduce any of the images within their marketing/press materials including online websites. Rocco Redondo Photography grants the client an unlimited license to utilize the edited images for their own marketing use, such as online and professional profiles. If the client wishes to supply the images to a third party for commercial or editorial purposes, Rocco Redondo must be notified and written consent given. All images must be credited as Rocco Redondo Photography, and where appropriate, a license fee arranged.
  • Limitation of liability
    Limitation of Liability In the unlikely event of images being lost through equipment malfunction or damaged without fault on the part of the photographer, liability shall be limited to a full refund of payments received from the client. Rocco Redondo has full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Storage of files
    Storage of files The raw images from your shoot are stored on a hard drive for around 2 years, so you can order more edits should you wish. Best efforts will be made to store the images safely. Rocco Redondo Photography is not however liable for technical malfunction of hard drive. Your (ordered) edited headshots will be stored online/ in the cloud for a longer period as a courtesy for archival purposes. It is your responsibility however to store your edited images safely to your own computer & cloud accounts after delivery.
    I have been self-isolating for the entire duration of the lockdown, I went trough COVID 19 in mid November since then I have had the COVID 19 vaccine, 1st dosis in Jannuar and the seccond dosis in April. The studio is on my own grounds. I have been spending a vast majority of my time working on upgrading the studio so I’m extremely excited to welcome you over. This also means disinfecting the space from floor to ceiling. I will take your temperature as you arrive to the studio and offer you hand sanitizer. There are hand washing facilities and hand sanitizer available around the studio for you to use when you feel like and if you require me to wear a mask etc I’m very happy to do so. It’s totally possible to do a sort of socially distanced shoot. The studio is close to 500 square foot so there is plenty of space for us to play plus the studio front wall is a set of sliding doors that can be opened at any time to have fresh air.
  • How I get to the studio
    The Studio is in Balham, SW London There are few options Balham Station,Train and Tube station, Northern Line, It takes me 14m walking from the station Streathan Hill Station, overground line, 10m walk, Bus Nº50, Bus stop , Lexton Gardens By bus, Nº 50 stops From Claphm Comon, Bus stop New Park Rd,50 metters from the studio Buses Nº137 and Nº417 I take from Clapham Commonn Station direction Croydon, 200 m from the studio, Bus Stop Atkins Rd/South Circular Nº355 a single decker bus from Brixton Station, Bus Stop Atkins Rd/South Circular
  • Can I Arrive Early for my session?
    Yes, no problem, 15 m is ideal earler than 15m please give me a call, it should be ok but better to make sure that I am the studio
  • How do I view my images?
    I will send you and your agent a link to your online gallery in the nest 2 working days.
  • What is the cancellation policy
    I do not have a cancellation policy, I trust you will do your best to attend. If you have to cancel, please let me know ASAP, so I can book another person
    Have a good rest the night before Hydrate Do not cut your hair the day before, do it at least 5 day before the session Talk to your agent, regarding your casting types Think of your casting range and prepare accordingly Bring a minimum of 4 changes Practice in front of a mirror what you are going to be wearing Plan your trip to the studio so you will not be late
  • Do you do any other kinds of photography ?
    I do headshots for actors, dancers and performers. For dancers I do headshots and mid body/3/4 body shots, very rearly full length shots and only by previous arrangement. I DO NOT DO FASHION
  • Can I change my hair / shave half way in the session?
    For female actors the hair will be the most importan aspect of your headshot, please bring your hair tools and tricks to help you look at your best. I do have hair dryer, straightener, hair spray,clips etc Because of Covid I do not have any hair coms and bruses and I have removed all the Make up products. Please, Please do not forget to bring your owm, VERY VERY IMPORTANT !!! Yes, you can shave half way during the session Because Covid 19 you will have to bring your tools and towell
    General advice It will help if you bring a minimum of 4/5 changes if you are unsure bring a full suitcase and we can try a few Please have a chat with your agent regarding your casting range Think of your “Casting Range”, -Professional: Doctor, Lawyer, City worker, police officer etc. -Casual: day wearing, friendly approachable, girl next door -Smart: Expensive, diva -Unfriendly, no prisoners taken, unlucky in life THERE ARE FEW DON’TS, and they are very important -No Logos -No Bright Colours -No Heavy Patterns -No Props, hands, jewellery, hats etc -Avoid worn out tops -Do not Typecast yourself -Do not overdue, you must look like YOU Recommendations -Be careful with T-Shirts make sure that they have different neck lines and fit well other ways all will look the same -Items that you feel well with -Items that fit you well -Think of layers, a jacket over a shirt or over a T-shirt etc -Do yourself a list of Items that you will bring to the session -Try the different looks at home, you will see different options, it will give you ideas and confidence -Do write a list of your tops and the different combinations Female Actors -Your hair is the most important bit, it will control the look of the photo, please make sure that you bring all the necessary tools -PLEASE …. “DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR THE DAY BEFORE” Do it at least 5 days before the the session. -Bring your Make up kit, make up should be minimal and natural, bring mascara, eyeliner and a few tones of lipstick to play with if this is in keeping with how you would present yourself at a casting. Male Actors -Think of 4/5 different looks and plan the wardrobe accordingly -Do yourself a list of Items that you will bring to the session -Try the different looks at home, you will see different options, it will give you ideas and confidence -Do write a list of your tops and the different combinations -Smart casual, professional look, jacket/blazer and shirt -Casual, denim jacket, leather jacket, coat, overcoat, etc -Friendly and casual, T-shirt, shirt, jumper, etc -Next door neighbour, shits, jumpers, casual jackets etc -Shaving half way trough the session, yes, no problem but because Covid 19 you will have to bring all the tools + towels Hair: normally male actors do to change the hair during the session but I am always open to suggestions
  • How do I pay for my session ?
    At the end of the session, Cash, BACS or Paypal
  • Do I get to see my images throughout the session ?
    Yes. It’s very important for me to review the images with you to see that we are going to the right direction and that we are covering all the looks you are after.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit ?
    No, At the moment, I am not asking for a deposit, if you have to cancel the session, please let me know ASAP so I can book another person
  • Can I order extra retouches ?
    Yes as many as you want You can order extra retouches for £20 per image.
  • Do you give out unedited images ?
    No, never I don’t give out unedited images because I want to maintain the highest possible quality that represents you and me at our best. But I keep your images on file so you can order extras as and when you need them for £20 per retouch.
  • Can I do my own Make Up ?
    Yes, you will have to do your own make up unless you bring a MUA with you Make up for headshots have to be very natural
  • Can I send you sample images or a mood board ?
    Of course. It’s good to get a visual idea about what you are after. Send me some in an email or create a Pinterest board. Please be realistic regarding what will you like to achieve
  • How is the parking at your studio ?
    There is free parking in my drive Lexton Gardens have parking restrictions from 10:00 am to 12:00 midday, Monday to Friday
  • What if I have to reschedule ?
    If you need to reschedule please let me know at least 48 hours before your session. Let me know if you feel like a cold coming on or if you got pencilled in for a shoot, or if you are not sure how long your rehearsal will last. Treat your headshot session as a professional commitment. I will be able to move your session. I am aware that sometimes auditions can come in last minute. Let me know about them so I might be able to push your session forward or you can come in later.
  • How long will my session last ?
    Sessions are aound 2 hours long, can be a bit shorter and can be a bit longer, we play by ear. We shoot untill we are happy that we have got what we wanted
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