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These are notes from my Terms and Conditions for Headshots. Please have a read through. Any questions feel free to ask.


This agreement is between The Photographer: Rocco Redondo Photography and The Client.

For full list of T&C go HERE


Receipt of booking confirmation details, via email or post, will constitute agreement of the terms and conditions. Any variation to this agreement must be agreed in advance in writing.


Booking details

The terms of the session shall be confirmed via email for price, timings and number of edited images delivered. After the shoot the preview images shall be delivered for selection. Please note that these are preview size low resolution jpgs and will be watermarked, and only the final edited images will be licensed for your personal marketing purposes and use. 



The final images delivered will be edited and adjusted for exposure, contrast, colour grading, sharpness etc, plus a light retouch to clean up skin, blemishes and dark circles. The professional retouching is designed to be natural and subtle so they are an honest reflection of each client, whilst looking your best. Clients are not allowed to retouch the images themselves. Please speak to me if you'd like further retouching and I'll be happy to help you.


Payment terms

To be paid in cash or by bank transfer on or before day of session.

The Client's right to use or reproduce a picture arises only when Rocco Redondo Photography' invoice relating to the grant of such right is fully paid. Any reproduction before payment of the session constitutes a breach of this Agreement.


Delivery of images

The Photographer shall deliver the finalised edited digital images to the client within 2 weeks of the clients selection (though where possible usually within 10 days). The digital images will be delivered in both web and print formats via the web. (If you are in a rush for a deadline, please discuss beforehand and if possible I can prioritise a designated image - or offer an express service for an additional fee).



As set out by the Copyright and Design Act 1988, the photographer retains the copyright to all the images and has the rights to use and reproduce any of the images within their marketing/press materials including online websites. Rocco Redondo Photography grants the client an unlimited license to utilise the edited images for their own marketing use, such as online and professional profiles.

If the client wishes to supply the images to a third party for commercial or editorial purposes, the photographer/s must be notified and written consent given. All images must be credited as Rocco Redondo Photography, and where appropriate, a license fee arranged. 


Limitation of Liability

In the unlikely event of images being lost through equipment malfunction or damaged without fault on the part of the photographer, liability shall be limited to a full refund of payments received from the client. The photographer has full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Storage of files

The raw images from your shoot are stored on a hard drive for around 2 years, so you can order more edits should you wish. Best efforts will be made to store the images safely. The photographer is not however liable for technical malfunction of hard drive. Your (ordered) edited headshots will be stored online/ in the cloud for a longer period as a courtesy for archival purposes. It is your responsibility however to store your edited images safely to your own computer & cloud accounts after delivery.

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