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• A Headshot photograph is a very clear representation of who you are and how do you look like.


• The Headshot will be used for all kind of castings, from period dramas to contemporary plays.


• The Headshot has to be kind of “neutral”, meaning no typecasting you on any way.


• It is understood that you “can act”, the Casting Director first is looking for a person that fits the description of the character.


• All that will be a total waste of time for quite few people if you don’t look like your Headshot.


• If you don’t look like your Headshot when you go into the casting room you

 are not going to be very popular with the Director and Producer.


• A Headshot over two years old is not a true representation of yourself.






• Talk to your agent

• Do a list of the casting ranges that you will like to achieve


For Female actors

• Do not cut your hair the two days before the session

• Rest the night before, drink plenty of water

• Moisturise your skin and check for “peach fuzz”

• Do a list of essentials, ie: different bras for different tops, hair tools and hair spray, makeup bag

• Do a list of all possible tops that you will like to bring to the session


For Male actors

• Do not cut your hair two days before the session

• decide if you will like to have a shaven-unshaven look

• Make a list of accessories to bring, , hair gel,  and other bits




Female Actors


Your hair will dominate the look, make sure that you are happy with your hair, please do not cut it the day before, wait at least a week. And remember the way you look on your headshot is the way you have to look on the castings.

• hair tools and accessories ( I have a hairdryer at the studio)

• make up, basic kit


 What to Wear


• lots and lots of tops, as many as you can carry, it is much better to have a

selection to choose from than not to have a selection

• avoid the same items, one round neck black t shirt looks very similar to a round neck dark blue t shirt

• avoid bright colours and heavy or graphic patterns

•shirts, blouses, vests, jumpers, jackets, coats etc all could work for you

• whatever you wear make sure that it reflects your age range



Male Actors

Think of your casting roles and dress accordingly

Shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets and blazers, all can work

You can shave at the studio if you will like to have a different look