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"Buy Only What You Like"

special offer, for a few weeks only.



  • Go to > Book a Session > Diary > follow the guidelines to select a date and a time.

  •  A deposit of £ 30.00 will be needed to be paid within 24 hours to confirm your session (this is redeemable against any purchase).

  • If you don't pay the deposit within 24 hours your provisional booking will be cancelled. 

   • The deposit is not refundable if you don't turn up or cancel within 24 hours of the session.


  • You and your agent will receive a web link to the photos.(normally 48 hr after the session)

  • Pay for your pictures when you place the order.

  • There is no obligation to buy.



  Fully edited color photos:

   1x £   30.00 

   5x £ 130.00  

 10x £ 230.00



 •  With Stripe. Go to my web page > Book a Session >Diary

 • Or pay via Paypal, name Jesus Redondo.

 • Or DM for my bank details and pay by BACS.



  •  Sessions are 1 ¼ hr long.

  • Headshots only. (no full length)

  • Enough time to have 2-3 looks across 2-3 sets.

  • Studio and outside photos.

  • A gallery with the photos will be sent to you and your agent.



  • There is no waiting area at the studio.

  • Try to arrive 10-15 minutes before your allocated time.

  • Make sure your tops are ironed and ready.

  • Talk to your agent for advice.

  • Think about your looks carefully, try them at home before the session.

  • Bring your own hair tools and makeup, very very important.

  • If you will like to shave use an electric razor, bring your own towel.

  • The nearest coffee shop is Hyde Farm Cafe in Emanuel Rd, 3 min from the studio.

  • There are parking restrictions from 10.00 to 12.00 Monday to Friday.

  • Please, turn up alone.


    Strict COVID 19 precautions will be taken at all times.

 • It's really important not to come to the session if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus or have been exposed to    someone who has.

  •  Please arrive wearing a mask. 

  • You will have your temperature taken (with a non contact thermometer gun) and be asked to sanitise your hands.

  • We will be wearing a mask during the session.

  • We will keep normal formalities to a minimum to reduce risks

   • I reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone turning up with a temperature and symptoms of Covid

   • I also reserve the right to cancel any or all sessions if there is a new spike of the virus.

   • The studio is kept clean and disinfected after each client, 

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